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The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) will, from the 15th to the 16th of July 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya, be hosting the inaugural Afro-Asia Fintech Festival. The Festival, which is christened “FinTech in the Savannah”, draws inspiration from the 3rd annual Singapore FinTech Festival that was hosted by the MAS in November of 2018.

It shall bring together participants who include visionary speakers and icons drawn from Africa,Asia and other parts of the globe to exchange ideas, forge partnerships and nurture thriving FinTech ecosystems. 

The Festival is the first of its kind in the region and will provide a platform for connections, collaborations and exchange of ideas between Africa and Asia. It will seek to explore sustainable financial services innovations from emerging Afro-Asian markets.


The Kenya School of Monetary Studies is an intellectual institution serving the Central Bank ofKenya (CBK) and Anglophone Africa in developing capacity building interventions for the financial sector. Nestled just 10KMs away from the Kenyan Capital,Nairobi, the institution prides itself in offering knowledge-based Capacity Building for the Financial Sector in Kenya and the Region. It features modern conferencing facilities ranging from conference rooms to VIP courtesy rooms.Its association with the Central Bank of Kenya, coupled by its stellar facilities, makes it the ideal venue for this event.


Nairobi is the only capital city in the world with a national park within its boundaries, making it a prime tourism destination.  Located only seven kilometres from Nairobi’s city centre, Nairobi National Park covers 12,000 hectares that host a diversity of environments with a wide variety of fauna and flora, stretches of bush country with long grass as well as deep rocky valleys and gorges.

tea & coffee breaks and lunch

Central Bank of Kenya will pay for all meals at the event venue. The meals will be served throughout the day.
The respective hotels will provide breakfast to the delegates booked in their premises.
Delegates should make plans for their evening meals and dinner.


Please note that participation in the festival is open to all. There is a registration fee of USD100 to be paid by all participants.
All delegates are required to register on the link below:


For security and other reasons, all participants are advised to wear their seminar name tags at all times to facilitate access to the meeting rooms.  The tags will be issues by the Secretariat to all participants on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


Some participants may require a visa for entry into Kenya. Please check with your embassy for more detailed information on visa application or at the following website: https://immigration.ecitizen.go.ke/index.php?id=6
Although bona fide visitors to Kenya are eligible to purchase a visa on arrival, it is advisable to obtain the visa from the Kenyan Embassy/High Commission in your country prior to departure to avoid complications. Please allow two weeks for visa processing when applying for visas from Kenyan Embassies and consulates abroad.

Only US dollar, Euro or UK pound sterling cash are accepted when purchasing a visa on arrival in the country. The visa costs are as follows:

Single entry Visa (Business or Tourism) (SJV)-$51. Transit Visa (TV) - $21. Referral Visa-$20East Africa Visa $101.00 - allow travel between Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda with the same multiple entry visa. The holder of the East Africa Tourist Visa shall enter the region from the country that issued the visa and move within the two other countries without applying for another visa or paying another visa fee.Diplomatic, Official, Service and Courtesy visas will continue to be issued Gratis
A visa can be applied for online at the following address: https://immigration.ecitizen.go.ke/index.php?id=6

The organizers do not accept responsibility for any consequences whatsoever from a delegate failing to ensure that he or she has complied with the necessary health, passport and visa requirements.

Registered participants who require an official invitation letter for visa purposes should contact:
Charles Wambugu – fintech@imgkenya.com Cellphone  +254 708 984 7732.    
Ms. Fahari Mwagonah – mwagonahff@centralbank.go.ke       Cellphone  + 254 722 332 148


The Central Bank of Kenya will provide airport transfers. In this regard, participants are requested to provide full flight details by Wednesday, 10th July 2019 for timely facilitation.  

Any late changes in travel details are to be advised immediately to any one of the administrative contacts listed below.
Ms. Fahari Mwagonah - mwagonahff@centralbank.go.ke Cellphone: +254 722 332148
Ms. Grace Ogawo – ogawogo@centralbank.go.ke
Ms. Evelyn Kilonzo – kilonzoEK@centralbank.go.ke


In Nairobi, and other large Kenyan towns, taxis are widely available, and convenient. Taxis are often parked around hotels and tourist areas. Hotels and restaurants can order taxis if necessary.

Kenyan Taxis are usually marked with a yellow line along each side.  To ensure your security, you are advised to make arrangements at your hotel reception to hire a taxi. Taxis are not metered and a price should be agreed with the driver before departure. Ask for local advice or at your hotel for correct rates.


The Central Bank of Kenya will host delegates to Networking Cocktails at the end of each day of the Festival.


All delegates are required to download and install the WHOVA conferencing app where all communication will be directed.
The app is available for free download on the Google Play Store and the App store.